Wooden floor installation

We offer wooden flooring installation services. Our craftsmen have many years of experience in this area and have undertaken hundreds of successful projects. We take full responsibility both for material and installation quality. By ordering both material delivery and installation services from a single supplier, you can avoid a situation when installers blame the material supplier for any quality issues or vice versa. Before starting any job, we inspect the project site and perform necessary measurements, most important of which are subfloor level quality and subfloor humidity.

Two-layer flooring is installed by glue down method. We do not offer flooring which can be installed as a floating floor. Suitable types of subfloors include plywood, OSB, as well as concrete (usually, ‘’Estrich’’ type dry concrete), including concrete subfloors with underfloor heating. Glue is applied on the subfloor using a notch trowel, and afterwards wooden flooring is put on the glue and pressed down. Do not apply glue into the tongue and groove connection. If the subfloor has excessive humidity, it is necessary for it to be dried out prior to wooden floor installation. In case it is not possible to wait, special hydro isolating primers can be used.

wood floor instalalation scheme

Wooden floor installation and maintenance requirements:

  1. Room temperature while installing and storing the flooring should not be less than 15° C, relative air humidity 45±5%.
  2. Flooring should be stored in manufacturers package (plastic). It should be unwrapped right before installation.
  3. Subfloor should be dry, stable, and even. Humidity of concrete subfloors should not exceed 1,5%.
  4. Subfloor should be clean, so bonding with the glue can be provided.
  5. At least 10 mm gaps should be left between the flooring and the wall, to allow wood to expand. The gap can be covered with skirting board after installation.
  6. Floor finishing should be applied after the glue has dried.
  7. If relative air humidity does not meet criteria stated above, air humidity regulation devices should be used.
  8. During its whole lifetime, wooden floors should be protected from humidity. Slightly wet cloth and appropriate cleaning agents should be used for flooring maintenance.

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