Oil is a natural finishing material for wooden floors, which provides effective resistance against moisture, dirt, wear and tear, and other floor damaging factors. Unlike lacquer, oil does not create a layer above the wood, but rather penetrates wooden pores. That is why oiled floors are more pleasant to touch and feels warmer.

It is possible either to order the oiling to be performed in factory, or it can be done at the site, after installation. There is a wide variety of available oil colors. We use only high-quality oils, produced by German manufacturers Livos, Avalon and Osmo.

Some of the available color options

eļļoti grīdas dēļi (Transparent)

Transparent (oiled)

Light White (oiled)

Sand (oiled)

Extra White (oiled)

Havanna (oiled)

Coral (oiled)

Antique Oiled (oiled)

Tabac (oiled)

Graphit Lite (oiled)

Graphite (oiled)

Chestnut (oiled)

Marrone (oiled)

Moorland (oiled)

Onyx (oiled)

Schwarz (oiled)

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