Parquet is a type of flooring that will fit into both classic and modern interiors. We offer both modern types of two-layer parquet, which can be laid on the heated floor, as well as classic solid wood parquet.

double-layer parquet

Two-layer engineered flooring boards, made in Latvia, especially suitable for installation on subfloors with underfloor heating. Consist of OSB or birch plywood bottom layer, and solid oak top layer. Such design ensures excellent heat conductivity, stability and resistance against temperature and humidity fluctuations.

Two-layer herringbone parquet has the same construction as two layer flooring boards. The only difference is the size. Herringbone boards are smaller and it is possible to install them in herringbone pattern. This type of flooring is also suitable for heated floors.

Another type of two-layer flooring. The only difference is that French herringbone boards are cut in 45 or 60 degree angle, which allows them to be installed in a distinctive and stylish pattern.

Solid oak parquet is a classic type of wood flooring, known for centuries. It can often be seen in magnificent older buildings, but it also looks great in modern interiors. Each parquet board is milled from a separate, solid piece of wood. Parquet boards ar not glued from several layers.

Advantages of parquet flooring

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