Herringbone parquet

Two-layer herringbone parquet is a type of engineered flooring that consists of two layers: lower layer made of OSB, and top layer made of Oak. When compared to solid flooring, engineered flooring is less sensitive to humidity fluctuations in room air and subfloor. It ensures more stability and less risk of shrinking and cupping. Due to this, engineered flooring is suitable for installation directly on concrete subfloors, including subfloors with underfloor heating systems. Our parquet boards are installed by glue-down method and are not suitable for being installed as floating floors. Oak top layer is 3 mm thick, and it allows the flooring to be sanded several times afterwards. Two-layer herringbone parquet boards are factory sanded and have bevels along all four edges.

two-layer parquet with osb base

Available sizes of two-layer herringbone parquet:

12 x 135 x 540 / 675 / 810 mm
12 x 100 x 500 / 600 / 700 mm

Finishing can be done both at the factory, as well as after installation. If you prefer to have your flooring pre-finished at the factory, we offer hardwax oil or classic oil treatment in various colors. in this case, your flooring is ready to be walked on right after installation. Such finishing provides high durability and is easy to care for. For factory finishing we use hardwax oil made by German manufacturer Hesse Lignal. We use only natural and environmentally friendly products for finishing.

Some of the realized two-layer herringbone parquet projects


Herringbone parquet boards are graded in five grades, depending on amount of knots and discoloration. However, there are no loose knots even in the lowest grades; all knots and cracks are filled with putty. The difference between grades is only visual, there are no differences in practical use. Below you can see photos of unfinished boards. Of course, any grade parquet boards can be finished in color according to customer’s choice.

Oak Premium

Nearly no knots, separate pin knots ≤5mm in diameter allowed. Premium grade flooring is usually installed in exclusive luxury interiors.

Oak Select

Small knots allowed, no sapwood allowed.

Oak Living

Small knots and sapwood allowed. Sapwood is the outer layer of wood, which is lighter in color. This is one of the most popular grades, a great choice if you would like to see some wood characteristics, but would like to avoid larger knots which are present in Classic and Rustic grades.

Oak Classic

Substantial color and texture variations allowed, large knots allowed allowed. No sapwood allowed.

Oak Rustic

Substantial color and texture variations allowed, large knots and sapwood allowed. Rustic grade is one of the most popular grades among our products, it displays the natural beauty of wood as it is. Each board has its own unique texture.

Available two-layer herringbone parquet colors

Clear (waxed)

Clear White (waxed)

Super White (waxed)

Polar White (waxed)

Medium Oak (waxed)

Dark Oak (waxed)

Antique (waxed)

Gray (waxed)

Graphite (waxed)

Walnut (waxed)

Ebony (waxed)

Mahogany (waxed)

Silver (waxed)

Copenhagen Fog (waxed)

London Fog (waxed)

Oslo Fog (waxed)

Shanghai Old Town Fog (waxed)

Stavanger Fog (waxed)

Strasbourg Fog (waxed)

Tallin Fog (waxed)

Transparent (oiled)

Light White (oiled)

Sand (oiled)

Extra White (oiled)

Havanna (oiled)

Coral (oiled)

Antique Oiled (oiled)

Tabac (oiled)

Graphit Lite (oiled)

Graphite (oiled)

Chestnut (oiled)

Marrone (oiled)

Moorland (oiled)

Onyx (oiled)

Schwarz (oiled)

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