Skirting boards

We offer high quality solid oak and ash skirting boards, which add a beautiful finishing touch to the flooring. When installing wooden flooring, a gap of 10 mm should be left be between the flooring and the wall. This gap can be covered with skirting board.

Usually, the skirting boards are installed by gluing them to the wall. But it is also possible install them by nailing. Our skirting boards are made from solid wood and are not laminated or finger jointed. We also offer to perform hardwax oil finishing in various colors.

Specie / grade Height
50 mm 65 mm 70 mm
Ozols, Premium 6,80 9,60
Ozols, Select 5,10 8,00
Ozols, Rustic 4,25 5,80
Osis, Premium 4,50 5,00
Osis, Select 3,50 4,00

50 mm height: 0,70
65 / 70 mm height: 0,85
100 mm height: 1,00

5,00 Eur fixed fee for order preparation, regardless of volume.


oak premium

Oak Premium

No knots allowed.

Oak Select

Small knots allowed.

Oak Rustic

Larger knots and sapwood allowed.

Ash Premium

No knots allowed.

Ash Select

Knots and discoloration allowed.

Available colors for skirting board finishing

Clear (waxed)

Clear White (waxed)

Super White (waxed)

Polar White (waxed)

Medium Oak (waxed)

Dark Oak (waxed)

Antique (waxed)

Gray (waxed)

Graphite (waxed)

Walnut (waxed)

Ebony (waxed)

Mahogany (waxed)

Silver (waxed)

Copenhagen Fog (waxed)

London Fog (waxed)

Oslo Fog (waxed)

Shanghai Old Town Fog (waxed)

Stavanger Fog (waxed)

Strasbourg Fog (waxed)

Tallin Fog (waxed)

Transparent (oiled)

Light White (oiled)

Sand (oiled)

Extra White (oiled)

Havanna (oiled)

Coral (oiled)

Antique Oiled (oiled)

Tabac (oiled)

Graphit Lite (oiled)

Graphite (oiled)

Chestnut (oiled)

Marrone (oiled)

Moorland (oiled)

Onyx (oiled)

Schwarz (oiled)

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