Hardwax oil

We offer hardwax oil application as a finishing to our wooden floors. This is done at the factory, so the customer receives a finished flooring. Hardwax oil is available in various colors. It can be described as an improved version of usual oil, since it has hardwax particles which improve flooring durability. Within the last decades, this type of finishing becomes more and more popular both in Latvia and in Europe in general. You can find wooden floors with hardwax oil finishing in various public buildings as well, even in high traffic areas like airports.

Hardwax oil is applied in two layers. Wooden floors with hardwax finishing are ready to be walked on right after installation. Hardwax oil is durable, environmentally friendly, and easy to care for.

Some of the available color options



Clear White

Super White

Polar White

Medium Oak

Dark Oak








Copenhagen Fog

London Fog

Oslo Fog

Shanghai Old Town Fog

Stavanger Fog

Strasbourg Fog

Tallinn Fog

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