Solid parquet

Solid oak parquet is a classic type of wood flooring, known for centuries. It can often be seen in magnificent older buildings, but it also looks great in modern interiors. Each parquet board is milled from a separate, solid piece of wood. Parquet boards are not glued from several layers.

Most often solid parquet is installed in herringbone pattern. But it is also possible to install it in different patterns, like chess table, straight pattern, etc. It is possible to create borders along the edges of the room. Solid parquet needs to be sanded after installation, and finishing (most often- oil or lacquer) should be applied. We recommend installation on wooden subfloors, like plywood or OSB, which should be installed smoothly and firmly.

Solid oak parquet is very durable. Across Latvian houses, you can still find solid parquet floors dating from early 20th and even 19th centuries. If you install such flooring today, it is very likely that it will serve your descendants in 22th century, provided that you treat and maintain the flooring with appropriate care.

oak 16 x 68 x 408 mm herringbone natur + laka

Available sizes of solid oak parquet:

Thickness: 16 mm
Width: 68 mm
Lenght: 204 / 272 / 340 / 408 / 476 mm

Some of the realized solid parquet projects


Oak Exclusive

No knots allowed.

Oak Nature

Small knots allowed.

Oak Robust

Larger knots and sapwood allowed.

Oak Country

Larger knots, sapwood, some planning tear outs allowed.

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