• Wooden floring of highest quality


Our craftsmen have many years experience in wooden flooring installation.

We offer following services in highest quality:

  • Installation of flooring boards and parquet;
  • Sanding of all types of wooden floors;
  • Finishing (lacquering, oiling, waxing);
  • Restoration of old floors;
  • Wooden subfloor construction.

Wooden floors can be installed on different types of subfloors. Most reccomended way of installation is by gluing and nailing the wooden floor on plywood, OSB or existing old wooden floors. However, it is also possible to install wooden flooring on concrete. 21 mm thickness flooring boards can be installed also on wooden battens.

Installation on wooden subfloors:

Flooring boards should be glued and nailed to the subfloor. This way, excellent stability and connection between flooring and subfloor is achieved. Nails should be at least 35 mm long. First nail should be nailed not more than 75 mm from the end of the board. Distance between nails 200 mm. At least 2 nails per board. See picture below:

Installaton and maintenance rules:

  • Room temperature while installing and storing the flooring should not be less than 15° C, relative air humidity 45±5%. It is reccomended to start installation immediately after delivery.
  • Flooring should be stored in manufacturers package (plastic). It should be unwrapped right before installation.
  • Subfloor should be dry, stable, and even. Humidity of concrete subfloors should not eexceed 1,5%.
  • Subfloor should be clean, so bonding with the glue can be provided.
  • At least 10 mm gaps should be left between the flooring and the wall, to allow wood to expand. The gap can be covered with skirting board after installation.
  • Floor finishing should be applied after the glue has dried out.
  • If relative air humidity does not meet criteria stated above, air humidity regulation devices should be used.
  • During it’s whole lifetime, wooden floors should be protected from humidity. Slightly wet cloth and appropriate cleaning agents should be used for flooring maintenance.